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Service & Support

  • Make design for clients;
  • Provide pictures and production schedule for clients every 3 days
  • Provide packing list and installation instruction for clients before shipping
  • Can sent installation engineer to clients site for installation instruction

Advantages of Container Homes

  • Pricing: is very predictable, as most of the work and fitting accessories are done in our factory in The maintenance cost of a container house is very less.
  • Quality: It is a prefabricated structure. That means making construction time is very short. The construction time of making such homes is as less as 10 weeks.
  • Ease of transporting and siting: The system of transporting these containers to-and-fro exists for a very long time in India, so transporting a container to the site is very easy and rapid. It is very easy to just place the container on the prefabricated foundation using nuts and bolts only.
  • Recycling: By using a container we are contributing to the environment by recycling it. We are actually using leftover product of the shipping industry to make a home. This can be a good thing and should be promoted more and more. Making of a container home is an initiative by Hitech Innovations under Make in India movement.
  • Durability and strength: The houses constructed using containers are very durable as the containers are designed to be used for rough handling.
  • Finish Quality: The quality rendered by SLNVCK ENTERPRISES & BUILDERS for the container homes is exceptional. We use top quality products to make container houses look beautiful, feel beautiful and comfortable.